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15 Years

Celebrating 15 years

Oregon Networking Exchange started in January 2009 with a group of like-minded business people who wanted to be part of a networking organization that paid back into the community. Come see what we can do to help grow your business.


Oregon Networking Exchange is a non-profit organization of self-governing business professionals dedicated to its members’ personal and business growth.

At ONE, relationships are fostered through regular attendance at weekly meetings, positive support of fellow members, and commitment to give quality referrals.

Through exclusive membership and accomplishable expectations, ONE brings together honest, engaged, and friendly business professionals committed to growing their business as part of our local community.

Personal and Professional Benefits

By joining Oregon Networking Exchange members enjoy the benefit of joining a team of like-minded business owners and professionals that want to grow their business by referral. They have the opportunity to lean and share new ideas, “receive” training and develop relationships with their peers both personally and professionally. Members also “benefit” from the opportunity to fill leadership positions within their chapter and at the board level, where they have the opportunity to develop new skills that can add value to their professional "careers".


Today there are many choices for those looking to join a networking group. ONE is committed to providing a minimum base structure to their member chapter while not stifling their members from implementing their own chapter flavor. Unlike many larger organizations, we do not require Chapters to stick to a specific agenda. Each chapter member has a vote on who they want to elect to leadership positions within their chapter. O.N.E. dues are relatively inexpensive as compared to larger organizations, and member dues are split: 1/3 to fund the individual chapter and 2/3 to fund the whole organization. The O.N.E. organization is made up of voluntary leaders from each chapter, so all funds collected by the organization are used solely to promote and support the growth of each and every O.N.E. member through training, networking events and other items needed to maintain an efficient and successful organization.

Hard Marketing

Hard networking organizations like ONE have singular business classification typically, that are specifically to grow your business and pass referrals. ONE members are only allowed to be part of one hard networking organization but we encourage being a part of several soft networking organizations as well to increase your business exposure.

Weekly Meetings

Emerald Valley Professionals

Tuesdays, 3:30 - 5pm

Dickie Jo's at Valley River Center

Join Emerald Valley Professionals for our weekly meeting where we share referrals, learn from each other, and hear a full-length presentation from one of our members so we can learn how to better identify their best customers.

Pacific Northwest Professionals

Thursdays, 9:00 - 10:30am

Gateway Grill

Join the Pacific Northwest Professionals chapter of Oregon Networking Exchange. Meet every Thursday morning at Gateway Grill in Springfield. We’ll see you there!                                                                                           

And Other Great Events!

Each chapter also holds open houses where interested business professionals are invited to mix and mingle with our members to learn more about professional networking and what makes Oregon Networking Exchange unique. This is a great chance to see if ONE is a good fit for you. Check out our full calendar to find upcoming open houses!

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