1. Only one person from each professional classification is permitted to join an O.N.E. Chapter. Board of directors of each chapter will have final authority relating to classification conflicts. Please refer to the new member packet for the list of member classifications.
  2. Weekly meetings will last for 90 minutes. Members need to arrive on time and stay for the duration of the meeting.
  3. An individual may be a member of only one Chapter of O.N.E. at any given time. A single business may have members in different O.N.E. chapters.
  4. Attendance is critical to the group. If a member cannot attend, the member will need to send a substitute to the meeting, the substitute shall not be another member of the same chapter they are a substitute for. As long as a substitute is present, the Member’s absence will not count an absence for the Member. Members are allowed three absences every six months. (January- June and July – December). If there are more than three absences in this time frame, the Members classification is subject to being opened by the Board of Directors.
  5. Members are required to bring bona-fide referrals to the chapter. Members need to bring visitors as potential new members for the chapter. The Board of Directors of each chapter may establish a minimum number of referrals and visitors that is acceptable to maintain membership. Active participation by the entire membership is crucial for the strength of the chapter.
  6. Visitors may attend chapter meetings up to two times prior to submission of their O.N.E. application.
  7. Members who are the designated speaker for the group meeting, will need to provide a door prize for that meeting. Non-member speakers will be given a small thank you for their participation or their lunch will be provided by the chapter general fund. The door prize will be provided by the general fund when a non- member is the speaker of the day.
  8. Leaves of absence need to be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors for approval. A Member may take up to eight weeks. Longer leaves will need to be approved by the Board.
  9. It is the Member’s responsibility to file, in writing, any concerns or grievances the member may have and submit it to the Board of Directors.
  10. When a prospective new member submits an application, the general membership will be notified of the new application. If an existing member feels this new application any way conflicts with their business classification, the member needs to submit the classification conflict, with a written notice, to the Board of Directors. This concern must be filed prior to the approval and acceptance of the new member.
  11. Members who wish to change their classification must submit a new Member application to the Board of Directors for approval of the classification change.
  12. Transferring Members must submit a new Member application to the Board of Directors of the chapter the Member is transferring to. If there are no concerns with the current membership, the Board of Directors will proceed with processing the Members transfer request. All prorated dues transfer to the new chapter.
  13. In the event the Board of Directors receives a written grievance regarding a member to member dispute, the Board of Directors may at their discretion, place a member on probation while a resolution to the dispute formed.
  14. A Member’s classification may be opened for failure to comply with the value statement of O.N.E.
  15. When a Chapter Officer (President, Vice President, and Sec/treasurer) fulfills all the responsibilities of their Office for the period to which they are appointed, they will receive compensation in the form of dues for the following year of membership, or for the equivalent period of time that such officer has served for the prior calendar year, whichever is shorter. The members holding these positions agree to the terms outlined in the President, Vice President, and Sec/Treasurer agreement forms.
  16. An individual, who is representing a business as the member of the O.N.E Organization, will not be a member of any other referral-based group.
  17. O.N.E. membership lists are for the sole purpose of giving referrals within the group and may not be sold or distributed to any third party for the purpose of solicitation.
  18. All Members must attend New Member Orientation within the first sixty days of membership. After which, the Member is eligible to be placed on the speaker rotation list. With approval from the Board of Directors a new Member can be added as a speaker prior to the New Member Orientation.
  19. All O.N.E. forms, including: Referral forms, Member 2 Member forms, and Business Exchange forms, are to be completed with accurate and complete information, then given to the intended Member. Forms that are not accurate or complete will not be recorded in the O.N.E. database and will not be counted for member participation.