• Emerald Valley Professionals

The uniqueness of Emerald Valley Professionals is attributed to our members. You would be hard pressed to find another hard networking group that performs at such a high level while still having the ability to share some laughs, develop great relationships and become true partners in business. We have been able to grow our chapter in a way that enables each of us to have a voice, utilize the strengths of our members, give back to our communities and truly care about the growth of each other’s businesses. Please come visit Emerald Valley Professionals and don’t be surprised when you want to join at the close of the meeting. If you are interested in visiting, please contact Sandra Oliver (President), Ethan Clevenger (Vice President), or Albert Roy (Treasurer). You can find our contact information in the member list below.

We meet every Tuesday from 3:30 to 5:00pm at Dickie Jo’s by Valley River Center in Eugene, Oregon. (1079-C Valley River Way, Eugene, OR 97401)

We look forward to meeting you!

Meeting Location: 

Dickie Jo’s -1079-C Valley River Way, Eugene, OR 97401

Meeting Frequency: 

Tuesday 3:30pm to 5:00pm

Sarah Fay
AVP & Commercial Loan Officer
Citizens Bank
Chapter Member
Email:  sfay@citizensebank.com
Phone: (541) 736-2021
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Kidder Yard and Maintenance
Chapter Member
Email:  kidderyardandmaintenance@gmail.com
Phone: (541) 321-2692
Albert Roy
Albert Roy
Eugene School of Karate
Chapter Member
Email:  senseialbert@gmail.com
Phone: (541) 543-4166
Nita Loveall
Nita Loveall
Wellness Coordinator
Juice Plus
Chapter Member
Email:  nita4healthieryou@gmail.com
Phone: (541) 729-6540
Carlos Carcamo
Restoration Contractor
Brinkers LLC
Chapter Member
Email:  carlos@brinkersllc.com
Phone: (541) 514-3317
Ethan Clevenger
Web Design
Sterner Stuff Design
EVP Vice President 2019
Email:  ethan@sternerstuffdesign.com
Phone: (515) 505-3810
Dennis Quigley
Certified Public Accountant
Email: dennis@myoregoncpa.com
Phone: (541) 683-4633
Big Monster Marketing
Marketing Services
Chapter Member
Email: greg@bigmonstermarketing.com
Phone: (541) 321-2178
Auto Repair
Exec Board: Chair
Email: r.steury@gokiefer.com
Phone: (541) 686-8291
Janitorial Services
Member At-Large
Email: ted@hepagraff.com
Phone: (541) 687-0766
Residential Real Estate
Member At-Large
Email: kaydee@equinoxrealestate.com
Phone: (541) 683-2200
Media Services
Email: rick@rickdancer.com
Phone: (541) 232-3143


EVP President 2019
Executive Board Treasurer 2019
Email: smoliver@metlife.com
Phone: (541) 388-8281